We rent and manage your property in a hassle-free and profitable way

Rental Income should be easy and not a full time job

Professional Investors Turn To Us To Manage Their Rental Properties

From Software engineers working in the world’s best Tech organizations to CEOs, everyone works with us to ensure Peace Of Mind and Better Rental Income.

We free you from all property related issues so that you

  1. Spend more time with your family and doing things you love
  2. Excel in your career
  3. Make more money (Better Return on investment)

There Aren't Many Trusted & Awarded property management companies in Pune. It takes honesty & hardwork to reach here.

1000+ investors prefer our Property Management Service over the rest because

We have been working with landlords for 12+ years and we know everything about looking after properties or tenants. We have solved nealy all possible problems ranging from difficult tenants to legal issues

Average Time to Rent is 11 days

We use multiple channels for marketing which includes property portals, digital, offline & network.  

Flexible Solution as per demand

Every Property Is Unique. We find a solution which is best. Unlike other PG companies.

Best Rental Income

We track the Net Rental Income which includes incoming rent, outgoing expenses & vacancy. 

Main Benefits of the service are

Best possible rent for 11+ months, every year, assured


We promote your property across various portals & huge agent network​


Our software tracks your lease and hence we start renter search well in advance​

Background Check​

Comprehensive background checks to ensure that your property is in safe hands​

Everything Taken Care of With Zero Visits

Agreement & Paperwork​

Documentation for agreement, police verification, society forms etc. is taken care of

Transparent Rent Management​

Rental income & expenses related to the property are tracked and maintained​

Quality & Cost- effective Repairs​

Tie-ups with multiple vendors ensure high quality and right-priced repairs​

Yet, stay on top of everything

  1. Income & Expense details
  2. Property Images and Inspection Report
  3. Service Requests
  4. Tenant Details
  5. Lease Details
  6. Property Documents

3 Major reasons

Some landlords don't make Real good returns because they feel

I can do it myself

Nearly, 40% landlord felt that they can do the profitable renting and managing themselves.

My Friend / Relative Will Do It For Me​

As per our estimates 20% landlords felt that their friends and relatives can do it for them.

My Broker / Agent Will Do It ​

Remaining 40% landlords felt that their agent can generate good returns with minimal risk

What People Say about us

From NRIs to local landlords, Lisa Home Solutions has made happy clients all over the globe and we are proud to share some of their experiences with you.

Request a Free Consultation For Your Property

We’ll be in touch with you no later than tomorrow, to schedule a quick call. After that call, we’ll send you an awesome proposal that outlines our fees and our services. It’s very easy.

Included in our free consultation :

  1. Market Analysis
  2. Estimate of rent
  3. estimate of time required
  4. Tips to generate more rent
  5. Inspection report