3 Mistakes Most Landlords make while renting

We have helped 1000+ landlords become professional investors

By helping them overcome following false beliefs that

I can do it myself

Nearly, 40% landlord feel that they can do the renting and managing themselves. In a way they are correct. But the question is should you be doing it? Is this the best use of your time and energy? Is the effort worth it?

Our average client income is 1.5 lakh per month and if you are reading this section, you would be making more than that. Cost of your one single day is Rs5000 per day. And if you spend even 7 days per year over this activity it costs you more than 35k. 

Ajit is our client and he felt the same. He works for a bank in Australia and has a property in Koregoan park. Initially, he also was very reluctant on the idea of hiring a full-time property manager. But now after 7 years, he feels this is one of the best decisions that he took. We keep him free from all kinds of worries and issues and he spends time doing things that he loves. The biggest beneficiary of this service is his both kids and his wife

My friend/relative will do it for me

As per our estimates 20% landlords feel that their friends and relatives can do it for them. We love and respect this feeling, afterall that’s what makes us human. But then again, we respectfully challenge you to think. Is this what you should be expecting your friends and relatives to be doing on their weekends? Do they like doing it or they do it just because they care for you? Shouldn’t you be caring for them too and hire someone professional to free them?

Lets share a story with you. One of our landlord’s friend visited us and over the cup of tea shared with us that how much he is pressed for time but he is also responsible for his relatives property (who stays in US). He wanted us to help him rent the flat asap so that he could get free from it.

We contacted the landlord regarding his renting and in the meanwhile requested him to hire us. He asked few relevant questions and signed up immediately. Later, he called his friend and thanked him for his support for all these past years. Now, that’s friendship. We bet he has further strengthened his friendship.

my broker / agent will do it

Our remaining 40% landlords felt that their agent can do renting and managing part. This requires a little deeper thought. First, agent is good at renting and we respect that but managing a property is not his domain. Secondly, are you paying him for that? If you are not paying him, expecting free service from a broker, is it right?

If something goes wrong tomorrow, would you be able to demand resolution from him? Lets understand, broker’s earning depends on the deals and he is paid by renters. He would prefer spending time with renters rather than fixing issues. Furthermore, you need certain capabilities to deliver property management services.

Mohit is a landlord who has a beautiful property in Baner and he had an agent who was renting his property for last 4 years but later in 2017 the tenants who occupied the property were kind of difficult to deal with. They stopped paying rent and whole lot of other issues. Mohit came in contact with us via google search and we picked up the case. We not only recovered pending rent of Rs.87000/- but also all the damages done by them. We contained the situation which could have gotten worse. Now, Mohit doesn’t deal with renters or renting. We do it for him. His wife called his property manager thanking her for the peace that they enjoy now. We love such calls.

Company Strengths at a glance

Value Additions

We provide end-to-end property management service which includes more than 28 types of different services. These services are clubbed into main 5 packages:

  1. InstaLeads
  2. MaxIncome
  3. MaxIncomeFlow
  4. InstaSupport
  5. AssetShield

Most valued services as per landlords are maintenance, renting, inspection and account settlement.

Final Account Settlement With Outgoing Tenants

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