Property management for Local Landlord

Perfect Property Management Solution for Pune Based landlords

If you own rental properties in the Pune, you understand the challenges of managing a rental property first-hand. From marketing your property and finding a qualified tenant to answering maintenance requests, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed with the numerous responsibilities on your plate. Calling in a professional Lisa Home Solutions property manager can make your life easier and help ensure you earn the right amount for your home each month.

5 things that Pune based landlords need most help with

24/7 Maintenance

Tired of wasting your time handling repairs? Let us address maintenance on your behalf. We filter tenant requests & coordinate with in-house and preferred vendors to get the job done right.

Property Inspections

Our group conducts a frequent inspection of each rental home in our portfolio to guarantee tenants are respecting their leases. This gives unbeatable peace of mind.


Rent Collection

Say goodbye to chase late lease cheque every month. Our team handles all collection efforts on your behalf, with earnings disbursed quickly to protect cash flow.


Background Checks

The right tenant has a significant effect. Each application experiences thorough screening, including money-related and background verifications, to keep you ensured.

Police Verifications & Documentations

When a property is rented, the details of the tenants are to be submitted to the local police station. A tenant detail form has to be filled and submitted along with the registered leave and license agreement.

Where we specialize

Experienced maintenance partners at right rate and right quality

Property management services

Deposit claims negotiation

Property safety taken care of

Property management services

Yearly inspection of property is done to insure property remains maintained

Why Lisa Home is the best choice for Local Landlords?

Lisa Home Solutions, Pune is a privately owned company currently employing over 20 people to deliver its services in Pune, Maharashtra.

  1. Management focused
    Most real estate firms in India concentrate on home deals and not property management. Since management is our primary focus, landlords and tenants get more consideration, more convenience and we have no conflicting situations. Our priority will always be ensuring the successful management of the homes in our real estate portfolio and nothing else.
  2. We actually inspect
    Numerous property managers make enormous claims about doing inspections but the truth is that most will never set foot inside your home until the point when the tenant moves out. A long time can pass by before they ever examine. Our rent agreement expects tenants to permit regular visits so we can try to eliminate unwanted surprises that cost money.
  3. The local experts
    You can’t bear to give just anyone a chance to deal with your rental property. We’re the trusted leader in local real estate. Experience matters and we have more than 10 long years of it. We always monitor local market trends and focus on what genuine tenants need. We at that point utilize this data to better position your property to be profitable.
  4. We save you money
    We save you a lot of money in downtime & maintenance which actually pays for your fixed fees given to us. So within the very short time period, you actually start getting a positive return on your property investment as compared to other ways of letting and maintenance.

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