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Lisa Home Solutions (P) Ltd

Experts in property renting in Pune

2000+ satisfied landlords

Till date we have served more than 2000 clients. Since, we have inhouse marketing team and a very big network of real estate agents, we can get you the best offer in shortest possible time

12 years+ experience

We have been in this business for very long and understand very well on how to present the property and how to attract right renters

Manage one of largest rental properties portfolio

We have Pune's largest property portfolio for family rentals. No one rents more property than us. Contact us for hassle-free renting

5 things that NRIs need most help with

24/7 Maintenance

Tired of wasting your time handling repairs? Let us address maintenance on your behalf. We filter tenant requests & coordinate with in-house and preferred vendors to get the job done right.

Property Inspections

Our group conducts a frequent inspection of each rental home in our portfolio to guarantee tenants are respecting their leases. This gives unbeatable peace of mind.


Timely Rent Collection

Say goodbye to chase late lease cheque every month. Our team handles all collection efforts on your behalf, with earnings disbursed quickly to protect cash flow.


Background Checks

The right tenant has a significant effect. Each application experiences thorough screening, including money-related and background verifications, to keep you ensured.

Police Verifications & Documentations

When a property is rented, the details of the tenants are to be submitted to the local police station. A tenant detail form has to be filled and submitted along with the registered leave and license agreement. 

What do NRIs say about us?

I have been using Lisa Home Solutions service since 2007. I have been offered a great service throughout. Right from taking full care of the property, finding new tenants and managing the ongoing tenant- landlord relationship, Lisa Home Solutions has been number ONE. If you have a property in Pune and you can’t personally manage it, go straight to LHS and they will take all your worries. Great job LHS!!!
Shiv Kumar
Fortunate to have Lisa Home Solutions as my property manager since 2006 and pleased to write few words about them which may help others . When you are away from your town no one cares for your property and its hard to trust anyone with your premise. They do good job in managing it. They helped in background checks for every tenant so far which is most important thing for me.
Lisa Homes is true to their commitment and is amazing in delivering their core product. They rented out my furnished flat in Pune in 3 days at an attractive rate, the same flat, which I myself struggled to generate quality leads even after spending my quality time & money for 3 months in spite of using services offered by other property portals.
Sushant Kumar


How will this work?

Once you send us the property details and your details to us, we will get in touch with you. We will discuss your expectation regarding the rent and the profile of tenant. We will visit your property and send your property pics and the market rent analysis. 

We will also answer any questions that you may have. Once, you are satisfied that the service solves your problem, we will go ahead for renting you premise.

Who signs the agreement if I am abroad?

The agreement can be signed using biometric device. Alternatively, if any friend or family member of yours has your Power of Attorney to sign on your behalf, we can use that. 

You may also give your POA to Lisa Home Solutions (P) Ltd to sign Leave & Licensee agreement on your behalf.

Is it safe to give POA to family, friend or company?

Yes, it is safe. The POA has limited powers of only signing the agreement and collecting rent, inspecting property etc.

We will send the draft to you and you can discuss with your trusted lawyer just for mental peace. 

Will you charge for this service?

Our charges are very low and the money we save you in terms of maintenance and inspections pays for the fees. The service pays for itself.

Since, we reduce the time your property remains vacant that is additional money in your bank. 

Mental peace & convenience all are added value.

How old is Lisa Home Solutions (P) Ltd?

We have been serving NRI clients for more than 14 years now. We have deep experience and understand NRI needs. You will love to work with us.

The company was founded in 2005 by Ratnesh Upadhyay, a Software engineer who worked in UK for long duration. Hence, we understand NRI issues very well. 

Can I expect a really hassle-free service?

Yes, you will have 3 main benefits:

  1. Hassle-free
  2. Peace of Mind
  3. Better Rental Income 

Please talk to us once. 

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