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3 Secrets to Increase Your Net Rental Income

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Sun, 24th May 20 @ 12:30 PM IST

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Do you want to increase your rental Income? After renting 1000+ properties multiple times in last 15 years, I have distilled it down to these 3 proven tips. Please listen fully.

The knowledge in this webinar is after a lot of good and bad experiences.

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About Ratnesh Upadhyay

Hi, I’m Ratnesh, founder and CEO of Lisa Home Solutions, Pune’s oldest & largest property management and Investment company. I’m a B.Tech Mechanical guy, worked with TechM for long duration as software engineer. After investing my personal money in real estate, I helped a lot of my friends to build hugely successful real estate portfolio. Started Lisa Home Solutions 15 years back and since then, I am helping real estate investors generate good returns from properties and make good money via right investing. I am a big big fan of Mr. Warren Buffett and have read a lot of material written by him (Annual Letters) and material written on him. I am particularly impressed by his concepts of Margin of Safety* and Circle of Competence. I try to practice both in daily life while making decisions regarding money whether for self or for my landlords.


*Margin of Safety was taught to Warren by his professor, Benjahim Graham.