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How to Increase Your Net Rental Income

Discover The 3 Secrets To Increase Your Rental Income Upto 30%

Wed, 20th May 20 @7:00 pm IST

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What will you learn on this FREE WEBINAR

Do you want to increase your rental Income? After renting 1000+ properties in last 15 years, I have distilled it down to these 3 proven tips. Please listen fully.

What’s the most common mistake done by landlords?

What’s the biggest factor that causes maximum loss of money?

How to get maximum rent from the property?

The knowledge in this webinar is after a lot of good and bad experiences.

Do You Want To Learn The Formula That Helped 1000+ landlords to improve their returns from property immediately?

About Ratnesh Upadhyay

Hi, I’m Ratnesh, founder and CEO of Lisa Home Solutions, Pune’s Oldest & Largest Property Management and Investment Company. I’m a B.Tech Mechanical guy, worked with TechM for long duration as software engineer. After investing my personal money in real estate, I helped a lot of my friends to build hugely successful real estate portfolio. Started Lisa Home Solutions 15 years back and since then, I am helping real estate investors generate good returns from properties and make good money via right investing. I am a big big fan of Mr. Warren Buffett and have read a lot of material written by him (Annual Letters) and material written on him. I am particularly impressed by his concepts of Margin of Safety* and Circle of Competence. I try to practice both in daily life while making decisions regarding money whether for self or for my landlords.


*Margin of Safety was taught to Warren by his professor, Benjahim Graham.