Increase Your Returns From Your Rental Property & Live a Hassle-free Life Doing Things That You Love

A Lot Of Landlords Today Make Very Moderate Returns Because

They Don't Know The Secret Formula Behind Better Rental Income

The Rent they get from their property is moderate. The property remains vacant for months. And then there are damages, maintenance issues, tenant phone calls, registration, documentation etc
Real estate investors need a complete solution where their asset performs better than the average market. It makes them more money. And the cash flow from the property helps them to buy more real estate so that they get wealthy over the period of time. Using bank money to buy assets which generates rental income so that you can pay EMIs can help you make millions. You could spend time vacationing while your asset generates money for you.
Till date no one has provided Investor level solution to the landlords. Right now the only solution available is of renting. This doesn’t solve the problem.

Its Frustrating when your Investment don't perform and rather than being an ASSET they become a Headache!

Rather than enjoying the money generated from Asset, you are forced to work for its renting, maintenance and management. It sometimes feels like a second job

Even if you don’t go then also your mind is now distracted and may be you will spend considerable time trying to resolve the issue over the phone. This moment the rental income doesn’t mean so much. It shouldn’t be this way

So, what do you do now, spend time focusing on the important assignment or start on the new assignment of posting the property on portals, taking calls from agents, coordinating the visits etc. Or just lose the income.

Well, this doesn’t seem right. How much should you spend? Is the vendor quotation right? How to find the right vendor? Who takes care of the job quality? To whom to trust? Or just spend the money anyway.


I got interested in making money in real estate without risk and without hassles. I bought many books and read about them from Rich Dad Poor Dad to Guide to Real estate Investing. I watched Youtube videos, read articles and listened to tons of investors. I even read books on Warren Buffet who is Worlds greatest investor to understand the fundamentals of making money from any Asset. 
The fundamentals of making money are very simple. Increase your Income and decrease your expenses. Well, this fundamental rule is not being followed in today’s Indian Real estate investing. Properties are kept vacant. Higher maintenance cost. Wrong rent expectations. All these leads to lowering of net income. I found a solution.
Then I felt that we should spread this message. The knowledge about making money in real estate is really very limited. So we started Lisa Home Solutions!

From Software Engineer to Successful Real Estate Business Owner

Real estate has immense potential and if done right it could help you build great wealth, it could take away all your retirement worries, it could build assets that next generation could use, it could provide you with monthly cash flow, it could act as an security in the times of need.

I knew investing in real estate is safe and it generates good returns but then it comes with certain to-do list. When I purchased properties in Pune, I was unable to rent them out on time. I had issues with maintenance and management. I was in full time job and had family responsibility, it was not possible for me to spend weekends looking for tenants & vendors. 

 All the help that was available to me was from agents who could only assist in renting the property. They wanted fast deals so that they could start working on the next property and I wanted best return from investment. These were two conflicting goals. But then, I had no options. I discussed with my friends and they were struggling with the same problem. 
Then, I came across this dedicated property manager and dedicated management team to assist in property renting, maintenance and management while I was in UK. I have lived in many cities in UK but I never met my landlords. Forget meeting, I haven’t spoken to them even once. But everything was done by the property management team on time. Suddenly, it came to my mind that the solution is very simple. You need a DEDICATED TEAM who is responsible for overall Return rather than one time renting. It frees the landlord to do other things, to purchase other properties, to negotiate other deals. This team assists him to build more wealth.

Lisa Home Solutions (P) Ltd

We founded a company to spread this message of increasing the Income from real estate assets
The overall return from the premise for let’s say a period of 3 years is equal to total rental income of 3 years minus the expenses done on the asset in those 3 yearsThere are ways to increase income and reduce expenses. 
Since 2008, we have been helping our landlords to achieve great results by employing the above formula.

Now, you have someone to take care of your asset and help you make more money, think what all you could do...

Relax...let your assets work for you

You have time for yourself in today’s busy life. Time to think, time to energize, time to just sit back and feel the world around. Your Me-time. 

You work so hard for everything and everyone. Give yourself some time too. You deserve it. 

Enjoy...the beautiful family and kids play

One day the kids will grow-up and they wouldn’t run around being wet and being naughty. All the money in the world will not bring back those memories. Spend time with them, create those memories that last life-time. 

Fixing taps and collecting rent won’t mean anything to you later. 

Have fun...indulge yourself in your hobby

You have time for yourself in today’s busy life. Time to think, time to energize, time to just sit back and feel the world around. Your Me-time. 

You work so hard for everything and everyone. Give yourself some time too. You deserve it. 

Focus...on the task without interruptions

Once you are in your productive zone. Your tight bubble of total focus. You get maximum done in those hours since you know you will not be disturbed by any tenant regarding any property related issue. You know your team will handle it so that you deliver what needs to be delivered when it matters.

We Bring To You The Complete Solution

Of Asset Management

Get The Complete Property Management & Renting Solution Along With All The Online Landlord Account, Mobile App & Dedicated Property Manager

Just Sign-Up And Let The Team Do The Job. The Team Works With 1000s Of Real Estate Investors And Hence They Could Assist You In Everything...

We provide the Most Comprehensive service in Real Estate. Whatever you need is here...

Get the Best leads in shortest possible time to Increase your chances for Higher Rent

Close the deal faster & complete the move-in without hassles to Decrease Downtime

Complete re-renting & maintenance service to Increase Your Rental Income

Excellent 24 by 7 support via Multiple channels to Increase Your Free Family Time

Complete protection to Ensure Mental Peace

And, since you are here on this page, we will include a super helpful bonus which will help you join the group of elite investors. Get access to best opportunities!

Super Cool Bonus #1 - Stay Informed

Investment Advisory & Access To Investor Group

We will as a bonus provide your access to best of advice, analysis and help that is very rare to get. You can raise questions regarding real estate investments and we will get you the required answers.

Super Cool Bonus #2 - PropSafe App

Get Access To Super Cool & India's First Property Management Mobile App for Landlords -Propsafe

We will provide you with a mobile app which will ensure that you have all the property information & details on your fingertips. Lets say you want to check your rent details or tenants infomation on the go; you can do that. Just tap the icon!
Get all the lease details, rent credits, expenses done on premises, all lease documents, tenant information, property inspection images etc on touch of a button. 

Whatever we are providing you here is not available anywhere else! All these services are a result of 12 years of experience with 1000s of landlords, tenants,vendors, issues etc.

Every Portfolio Has Limited Membership And We Will Close It Once We Hit That Predecided Number Of Sign-Ups. This Is A

Limited Time Offer!

To make it even better, we provide

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We have worked with 1000s of landlords and have more than 12years of experience. We are so sure of this offer that we are willing to back this up with No-Questions Asked money back guarantee. If you feel that our team is not the right fit in your wealth building plan, let us know and we will do full refund of your money.

We have helped 1000s of Landlords whether they are Software Engineers, MNC employees, NRIs, Business Owners, Defence Force people, Govt employees

In Generating Best Returns Without Hassles

You too could have great returns and a hassle-free life. You will not need to worry about the property or its maintenance or its management. You will be free from handling tenant calls or related issues. You will have a dedicated property manager to handle all this for you. Think of a personal advisory team taking care of your property related issues and guiding you all the way to generate best returns. 

You could use this service and enjoy the benefits of being the real estate investor. 
Remember, best teams generate best results & real estate investing is a team sport…
-Ratnesh Upadhyay, CEO & Founder, Lisa Home Solutions 

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