How to Increase your Net Rental Income

Everyone loves passive income generated by rental properties but...

Too much work & too much risks!

Rent collection
Downtime, Damages
Everything manual..time consuming

To Increase your rental income you need to remove losses & manage risks

Do you want to Increase your Rental Income without doing all the work?

There are 3 secrets

#1 Whoever generates MAXIMUM # of good offers without downtime Wins!

#2 How to generate the BEST RETURNS for you… 24/7 on Auto-pilot?

#3 How to MINIMIZE your Risks and how to manage escalated situations?

The SECRET is …
Right Price + Auction via Dedicated Person

“1 click”

These people are using "1-click system"

How to generate the Best Returns for you... 24/7 on Auto-pilot?

The SECRET is ... Priority

"Auto Pilot"

Net Operating Income

NOI = fn (Rent, Occupancy, Expenses, Risk, Loan)

Note : Above IRR includes your sales proceeds

How to MINIMIZE your Risks and how to manage escalated situations?

The SECRET is … Right Professional contacts

“Dedicated SPOC”

Still, want to follow the old ways? Play Solo?

Do you want to delegate all your property issue to someone else and still enjoy better Income?

Replace 10+ people with 1 system

One Complete Solution

Its like having a HIGH Quality Assistant 24/7

The PropSafe-system is a subscription service payable everymonth

Offload all your stressful situations to PropSafe

What all you are going to Get ...

InstaLeads – Complete Advertising & Marketing Solution for Better Reach
MaxIncome – To Increase your Rental Income
MaxIncomeFlow – Complete Re-renting & Maintenance to Increase RoI
VIPSupport – Excellent 24/7 Support to ensure Free time
AssetShield – Comprehensive protection to ensure Mental Peace

Also, you get such powerful system for...

One Time Registration: Only Rs.10,000/-

Residential: Only 10% of rental income upto a max of Rs.3000/- on Monthly Subscription basis

Commercial: Annual Charges as per property

Join today because

Service Pays for itself
You get Dedicated Property Manager
Limited seats

Our Goal is to help you achieve Freedom

Free-from-property-hassles : Immediately
Financial-freedom : Second stage

In case you are thinking...

This 90-10% partnership will lower my income.
Underestimating power of damages, exp & downtime.
Underestimating Value of team
Undue stress on your family time
Underestimating Probability of STRESSful times

1000+ landlords are enjoying this partnership

In case you are looking for BASIC Renting Service

Lets say for now you are only looking for basic renting and not the complete “Hassle-Free PropSafe” package, then you can opt for Basic renting.

You don’t have to pay anything in advance. You need to pay a small service fees post renting.

Hope this solves your current problem 🙂

for further enquiries, get in touch with us.