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Purpose of Lisa Home Solutions

We exist to free people from property related issues through friendly, reliable and affordable management services so that they lead happier lives and have excellent careers

The founders have themselves experienced the hassles of managing properties, and transfers, while travelling to onsite and moving back. It was very embarrassing to face the same problem while visiting India, so we decided why not find a solution. Eventually there was a passe’ comment “Why don’t we set up a small company to handle this? We won’t charge anything from either the Renter or the owner but will generate enough money from advertising to keep the operations going. And anyways we can develop the site on our own and ask our friends to use it”. It was not a bad idea. The work started and we founded Lisa Home Solutions (a proprietary organization) on 5th Dec 2004.

our core principles

Honesty, Transparency, Loyalty we believe in these three core principles and yes success has followed us and today we are India’s one of the top Property Management Company. We personally have a strong faith in Karma.

We strongly believe in Karma do your level best so that when you are done with your life, you could look back and say "It was all worth doing" and I lived an honest & a dedicated life & a joyful life. That might be one of the hacks to be successful.

Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, without which confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist

- Mary Kay Ash

Lisa Home Solutions

our core values
  • be friendly
    • Happy Clients = Happy Self
    • Remember"Together, we are great"
  • be reliable
    • Honour commitments by staying organized
    • Take ownership and Make a difference
  • be transparent
    • Facts only
  • be ROI driven
    • Eliminate Wastage, Be prompt & fast
    • Think why
  • Follow KARMA
    • Do good, have fun
    • For better rewards, do better deeds

Lisa Home Solutions is a group of property management specialists in Pune, Maharashtra that works with private and community property owners on all parts of property administration. We work specifically with boards, society management committee, executives and brokers to guarantee a smooth, beneficial and pleasant experience for everybody included. Our remarkable way to deal with Property Management ensures that each part of the activity is being dealt with by the perfect individual or group. We separate property maintenance and financial planning into separate teams and have seen tremendous results for our clients as a result.

Our Strengths

  • Caters to property management solutions for Residential & Commercial properties

  • A team of diversified and seasoned professionals whose integrity, reliability, and years of experience work to build long-term value for our clients

  • High-quality Property Management Service that is fully supported online

  • Have a unique Lead Management System for our customers allowing us to provide them a high quality service.

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