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If you are a landlord who does not stay in the same location as your property then managing the property is a big issue and it could become a serious headache if not handled properly as you will have to keep making frequent visits to your property to solve problems like looking for new tenants, misuse of the premises by the tenant, not willing to vacate the property, delay in payments or non payment of maintenance fees on time. Lisa Home Solutions have a special service for outstation landlords who can make their lives easy and ensure the property make more profit.

what we do?

24/7 Maintenance

Tired of wasting your time handling repairs? Let us address maintenance on your behalf. We filter tenant requests & coordinate with in-house and preferred vendors to get the job done right.

Property Inspections

Our group conducts a frequent inspection of each rental home in our portfolio to guarantee tenants are respecting their leases. This gives unbeatable peace of mind.

Rent Collection

Say goodbye to chase late lease cheque every month. Our team handles all collection efforts on your behalf, with earnings disbursed quickly to protect cash flow.

Background Checks

The right tenant has a significant effect. Each application experiences thorough screening, including money-related and background verifications, to keep you ensured.

Where we specialize?

Why choose us?

Lisa Home Solutions, Pune is a privately owned company currently managing properties worth INR 500 crores across Pune. A pioneer in property management service that helps you with managing your property with the help of latest technology, concepts, superior workflow which keeps you up-to-date about your property.

At Lisa Home Solutions we have practical experience in simply – property Management. Our group has been working together for quite a while and we care about your properties. We are focused on ensuring your properties presentation is maintained and rent returns are maximized. Always grasping new innovation our frameworks and techniques are consistently enhancing to guarantee that you are getting the best service. We are proud of the services we offer and are confident in our ability to provide you with superior service.

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