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What is driving the adoption of property management services?

The rise in infrastructure developments across the world is fueling demand for real-time access to property information. In addition, the rising emphasis of property managers and owners on scalability, cost-efficiency, and time savings is contributing to the expansion of the property management services market. Additionally, property owners and managers are emphasizing on collecting and maintaining property information for enhanced data administration and accessibility with the help of centralized technology based property management.

How the property manager’s role has evolved?

The scope and complexity of the rental market have evolved over many years resulting in the need for professional management. In the early days of property management, caretaker managers would never have seen their property management cost. They would have been responsible for collecting the rent, making necessary repairs, paying the bills, and turning over the profits to the owner. However, with the passage of time, the professional property managers have been given a property management budget and expected to manage the property within the budget while emphasizing resident retention. It is expected that the property manager’s role will continue to evolve with the advancement of the technology in years.

The residential property manager of the twenty-first century

The property manager of the 21st Century will be challenged to provide the best product and superior resident service to distinct submarkets: the affordable market which serves low- and moderate-income households, the lifestyle market that serves more affluent adults, and the middle market which serves the largest number of apartment dwellers.

If we add to this mix, specialized markets for an aging population, student housing, privatized military housing, and other niche markets such as mixed-use neighborhoods that combine retail and residential, it is apparent that the residential property manager of the 21st Century must be a knowledgeable and competent professional with a strong background in finance, marketing, management, and a general understanding of the real estate market. A key factor in its success is the ever-evolving professional property manager.

“Rental Property Management is most successful when it emphasis location, financial viability, excellent management & maintenance along with evolving technology in Property Management Services.”
- Mr. Ratnesh Upadhyay

Why technology is as must for evolving property management services?

Innovation is underused in property administration, however, can possibly definitely diminish costs while enhancing the nature of administration. Each dull procedure ought to be streamlined or computerized.

To begin, renting is a tedious procedure. Posting advertisements, responding to leads, handling showings, collecting and processing applications, and eventually preparing a lease, all require lots of manpower. This procedure would profit by automation, yet where do you adhere to a meaningful boundary amongst computerization and human-driven client benefit?

Try to computerize however many procedures as could be expected under the circumstances, while continually giving an individual touch point. Despite everything you require account manager, however, all aspects of the procedure besides telephone calls and showings can be mechanized: things like 3D virtual visits, self-serve planning of showings, automated tenant notifications, online applications and individual verifications, online lease signing, and installment accumulation.

This same philosophy should be applied to maintenance. A typical maintenance department revolves around phone calls, paper work orders, and manual status updates. The result is hours and hours spent on manual data entry and long delays between when work is completed and when tenants and owners are notified.

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