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Looking after your property, properly

We are a 360 degree professional property management company which makes property ownership hassle-free by way of technology and latest concepts of workflow that make communication easy and income more profitable. We bring complete transparency & professionalism in property management.

Tenant referencing

Know exactly whom you’re renting into your property, their employment status and financial background with our assured referencing service.

Contracts & agreements

We’ll create and manage legally-binding arrangements that protect you and work for your tenants.


Lisa Home Solutions take responsibility for this critical (and increasingly complex) aspect of letting. We’ll look after all your legal obligations.

Safety checks

Our experts will make sure nothing is missed when it comes to checking the property for safety like Electrical, plumbing, gas safety, ventilating, and lighting systems, etc.

Pre-tenancy maintenance

As a property owner, you are required to keep the structure and exterior of the property in good condition. We make sure pre-tenancy maintenance is done before your tenant moves in.

Deposit handling

We take complete control of the renting process right from collecting the deposits from the tenants and transferring it to your account; we also ensure that the possession is given to the tenant only after deposit is collected.

Rent collection

We will keep on top of what rent is due each month and with our top-notch technology, you can get detailed statements at your fingertips.

On-going maintenance

Our experts are professional, reliable and use common sense. So, if there’s a quicker, cheaper fix to any problem, they’ll act in your best interests.

Arrears administration

Our team manages all your arrears in an efficient way with our rigorous and transparent arrears handling process.

Returns & accounting

Always know where you are financially with our clear, detailed reporting. Identify your allowable costs and calculate your liabilities with ease.

Legal notices served

If your tenants fall short of what’s expected of them and legal recourse is your only course of action, we take care of every legal nitty-gritty.

Emergency repairs

With the property management people, you can sleep easy knowing that any issues will be taken care of by our experts –any time, any day of the year.


In the many years that we’ve been looking after landlords and properties, our team has seen and done all. Ask us for guidance whenever you need it.

Deposit dispute handling

We’ll act as the buffer between you and your tenants and help negotiate a resolution that works for you.

End of tenancy

Take a step back from the hassle and administration of deposit negotiations and start looking ahead to your next tenant.

You can relax and be confident that we’ll take care of your property professionally and efficiently.

Can’t wait to start taking advantage of our hassle-free, fixed-fee service?

It couldn’t be simpler. Allow us to explain the easy steps that will lead you to a better way of letting.

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