Lisa Home Solutions Case Studies | Property Renting Service in Pune

Case study for Non-Residential Indian (NRI)

It can really be a challenge to manage your property while you are out of the country and ensure that your property is giving you good returns as well as being maintained at the same time. Here is how Lisa Home Solutions provided a service that met the expectation of the client and overcame the problems faced by its client.

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Case study for local landlord

Sometimes the professional commitment takes priority over the others, in this case where an individual is not stationed at one location it becomes very difficult to take care of the property that one has invested in. Lisa Home Solutions understood the situation of this client and provided a solution that was customized to the landlord's requirement.

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Case study for outstation landlord

Many lanlords choose us to manage their residential properties because of our transparent, pro-active and highly personalized service. Here is the case study which demonstrates level of client service we offer. Some time it can be a tedious task to manage your property even though you stay in the same city as managing your property will expect some personal attention from your end to ensure tenant retention as well as maintenance of the property.

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