Founders of Lisa Home Solutions | Team of Property Management Experts

Our Founders

The Lisa Home Solutions Property Management Team is led by a list of professionals. Each of the members an expert in their field with a track record of delivering outstanding services to customers to ensure that the service delivered exceeds client’s expectation. Most of them having international exposure and worked with leading business houses.

Ratnesh Upadhyay

Founder & CEO

Ratnesh comes from a technical background who started his career as software engineer with Tech Mahindra. During his tenure with TechM, he was posted onsite (UK) where he was working as Business Analyst.

His passions are reading and business models. He loves TOC which was introduced to him by Joseph Hopper. Since then, he is trying to eliminate all the defects and wastages in the real estate business.

Elizabeth Upadhyay

Finance Head

Elizabeth comes from commerce a background and is the person who oversees the financial management of the company. She manages the account team which is responsible for incoming and outgoing rent, settlements, bills payment. She believes “Money is trust game. If you mess up money, you lose trust”. And the same values are imbibed in her team.

Nitansha Neha

Service Head

Nitansha is electronics engineering & is passionate about solving the client issues and hence manages the service team of Lisa Homes. Her motto is “Happy customer means a happy life for everyone”.

Christopher Lobo

Operations Manager

Christopher has been into real estate since last 20 years. He comes from business background where he used to manage packaging factory but last 20 years he is into real estate. From a humble start from rental brokerages, to resale deals to land dealing; he has seen and done nearly everything possible in real estate transaction business. His network is extensive from agents to society people to lawyers. He believes “Talking to stakeholders solves all issues/problems” which helps us to troubleshoot multiple issues.

Sunil Prasad


Sunil is an engineering graduate who is passionate about new technologies. He follows new startups and very closely follows Elon Musk. He loves the idea of retiring on Mars where Lisa Homes manages the real estate transaction and management.

Sujay Khandge


Sujay has a unique blend of acquisition and retention online marketing expertise; passionate about technology-enabled, customer-centric strategic DIGITAL BRAND MARKETING and exceptional opportunities it presents to enable him to become a strategic, innovative, more creative and ultimately very successful DIGITAL marketer.

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar


Sanjeev is the brain behind a lot of strategic initiatives and growth in Lisa Homes. During his Ph.D. from University of Bath (UK), he developed the framework of the standard Process Control System for CNC manufacturing of prismatic components. He has worked with industries such as Rolls-Royce, Delcam, Galorath, Renishaw during Ph.D. at the University of Bath.

He has published 12 articles in International Journals such as IEEE, RCIM, IJPR, IJCIM, etc. and 12 International conference papers and also contributed to writing books.

Joseph Hopper


Joe is a great guy to work with. He is an alumni of King University and ISB Hyderabad and has deep experience in consulting and growth. He has worked with Goldratt consulting and currently heading Learning Design at Pearsons.

He has great command on TOC and has helped provide a clear cut direction in the operations and growth of Lisa Homes. He has enabled the organization to embark on the journey of Flow and zero wastage. Well, in short we can say he uses common sense approach to solve big problems of the company.

Ajit Shukla


Ajit comes from a technical background with a B.Tech in computer science. He started his career as software engineer and has served under different roles abroad. He has good understanding of business and is crazy about financial world. His passion is investing into equity and could be heard often discussing financial statements of the traded companies. He is a well-connected guy whose resources have help us in many ways.

Rajul Garg


Rajul is well-known name of Indian Startup who founded Global logic. Currently, he heads Leo Capital which invests funds into start-ups. He is a very successful Investor who invests in the next gen tech as well as big impact kind of organization. He is a very humble person who is willing to help you in all possible ways. He gave us few directions to streamline our efforts and his inputs are also helpful. He commands huge respect in the industry and many gates do open up for us due to his association.