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Property Management Case Study for Non-Residential Indian (NRI)

It can really be a challenge to manage your property while you are out of the country and ensure that your property is giving you good returns as well as being maintained at the same time. Here is how Lisa Home solution provided a service that met the expectation of the client and overcame the problems faced by its client. 

Lisa Home Solutions was approached by a Software Designer for advice regarding his property portfolio.

He owns a property in Koregaon Park, Pune. He was working with an Indian MNC in Pune and later joined a company in Singapore. He had to shift to Singapore with his family for a long-term and he wanted someone to take care of his property and keep it rented so as to support his EMIs.

1. He was facing a lot of difficulties as he was not able to hand over the keys to the local brokers as security was a prime issue for him. Renter profiling, Account settlement, Society NOC, Police Verification etc were too many hassles to be taken care of.

2. Since he was abroad keeping in touch was an issue with a local person here.

3. Giving a property just on trust basis or on verbal terms was making him nervous. He wanted someone to take care of his property with legal aspects covered.

4. He Wanted multiple contact points (including responsive email communication and a daytime landline as well) to ensure that he can be in touch with someone in case of emergency, instead of taking the risk of having a single mobile no. of an individual broker.

5. He wanted a professional service for the general maintenance of the property. Online Service requests, approval process, online quotation etc would be a matter of his delight.

When Lisa Home Solutions took over their property and improvised their Property Safe Service most of the general problems like Property Renting Problems, Property Management,  Cash/rent Management, Accountability and Customer Service were taken off by us. As we believe in honesty and transparency, most of our clients are never left unsatisfied. He is now much relaxed and a satisfied customer. His property is giving him hassle-free rent for past 4 years.