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Property Management Case Study for Local Landlord

Sometimes the professional commitment takes priority over the others, in this case where an individual is not stationed at one location it becomes very difficult to take care of the property that one has invested in. Lisa home solutions understood the situation of this client and provided a solution that was customized to the client's requirement. 

"I knew right away one of the things that I liked was transparency as to how you guys worked."

Pune being in the up-rise, most of the people are investing in Pune and mostly in real estate. One such person was our client from the Indian Army. Due to his job role, it was mandatory that he would get a transfer to some place or the other. He was being transferred to the North-East region of India. He wanted someone to take care of his property and rent it out. He couldn’t trust a broker in doing that, as honesty and trustworthiness are two vital points, which most of them lack.

Furthermore, he was facing issues like Property Renting and its Management, collection of rent. Since he was a Govt. employee he was very particular about documentation and legal procedures about property renting.

He found about Lisa Home Solutions via a web search and came to know about our Property Safe Service. Our ability to provide online payment system and able to provide a more web based service helped him a lot. Our USP of providing detailed and accurate monthly reporting of income and expenditure entrusted him and his property is providing him good returns for the couple of years.