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Propsafe is affordable, flexible & reliable Property Management Service


Lucrative Rental Income

We provide best rental income because of lowest downtime and selection of best offer from multiple agents.

Safety of Your Property

Regular inspection and thorough check, at the time of renter move-out ensures that your property remains safe.

Peace of Mind

When your investment is being monitored by a team and your rental income is assured, you can live a hassle free life.

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Propsafe Services

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Lease Management

  • Ensure that the property remains on rent for maximum duration
  • Maintain all the documents with regards to a particular lease
  • Upload all documents and details on landlord account
  • Keep the data always current and files updated.

Renter Management

  • Screen renters by doing background checks, making it a peaceful renting
  • Record renter details & upload documents on online landlord account.
  • Help renter with paperwork
  • Provide full support to renter during lease period.

Property Maintenance

  • We keep the property in pristine condition
  • Get the maintenance work done e.g Plumbing, electrical, wood work, fixtures, inventory related, leakage etc
  • In case of maintenance work, a service request is raised. Owner approves the quotation and the work is done
  • SR authorization, online quotation, Auto-progress updates etc ensures zero-hassles for landlord

Rent Deposit Management

  • Collecting timely rent & deposit and depositing it in owner's account.
  • Everything is handled and maintained by us. Account statement, Service Request adjustments, Account settlement & refund of deposit on completion of Lease (Rent) agreement to tenants etc.

Property Tax & Society Charge Management

  • We collect the society charges details from the society
  • Pay the charges and upload the receipt in the landlord account
  • Track property tax and pay them
  • Upload the receipt in your account


  • We have regular property inspections on our managed properties
  • Inspections reports along with pictures are uploaded in online Landlord Account
  • These details and pictures are available on Landlord Account mobile app too
  • In case of maintenance work identified during the inspection, SR is raised and the work is completed post landlord approval

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Possession Management

  • Taking & giving possessions to renters & landlords both.
  • Maintain inventory & pictures for verification.
  • Ensure that everything is in order and nothing is broken or missing

Issues Handling

  • Sometimes, societies take strict actions against the erring landlords
  • Police complaints are filed in certain cases leading to unnecessary and stressful calls to owners (sometimes at not the best times)
  • Generally parties by tenants, rude behaviour, loud music, parking complaints etc are reported to us by society. We get these issues resolved by talking to parties involved. This saves landlord's time. Often these are small issues but sometimes take lot of time and energy to solve.

Online Landlord Account

  • Well developed state-of-art Property Management System
  • Owners login into their accounts and get all the relevant details & pictures of their property.
  • Complete transparency, everything uploaded on account

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