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Quick facts about us?

  • Lisa Homes Solutions has 10 years of experience in renting and managing properties.
  • We manage properties of a broad range of investors, living in India as well as abroad.
  • Our strong association with a range of vendors ensures the ultimate quality at best price.
  • We have partnered with reputed builders to provide Rental and Property management services to their clients. E.g Mont Vert Homes (in pune).
  • Above all, we are very professional & responsible yet fun guys to work with.

What We Do? A small list of what all we do, to keep you happy & stress-free

  • Lease Management

    Ensure that the property remains on rent for maximum duration. Maintain all the documents with regards to a particular lease. Upload all documents and details on landlord account. Keep the data always current and files updated.                     

  • Renter Management

    Screen renters by doing background checks, making it a peaceful renting. Record renter details & upload documents on online landlord account. Help renter with paperwork. Provide full support to renter during lease period.

  • Inspection

    We have regular property inspections on our managed properties. Inspections reports along with pictures are uploaded in online Landlord Account. These details and pictures are available on Landlord Account & mobile app too. In case of maintenance work identified during the inspection, SR is raised and the work is completed post landlord approval.

  • Property Maintenance

    We keep the property in pristine condition. Get the maintenance work done. In case of maintenance work, Owner approves the quotation and the work is done. SR authorization, online quotation, Auto-progress updates etc ensures zero-hassles for landlord.

  • Rent Deposit Management

    Collecting timely rent & deposit and depositing it in owner's account. Everything is handled and maintained by us. Account statement, Service Request adjustments, refund of deposit on completion of Lease (Rent) agreement to tenants etc.

  • Property Tax & Society Charge

    Pay the charges and upload the receipt in the landlord account. Track property tax and pay them, Upload the receipt in your account. We have regular property inspections, on our Inspections reports along with pictures are uploaded in online Landlord Account.

How we do it? We are passionate about customer delight & understand technology is a great enabler

PropSafe App is a digital product for property owners to access up-to-date information of everything regarding property. One of the key attributes of this product is a financial management that begins from rent collection to renter account settlement. With this product, Lisa Home Solutions ensures that A to Z of the most dearest asset of anybody i.e. property remains in his or her pocket, the closest it can get to the heart.
eNcash App is a product for professional agents and vendors. It enables Lisa Home Solutions to develop a strong network & association with these professionals and engage deeply with them. It ultimately benefits our members by ensuring quality, speed and lucrative income be it rent out, resale, move-in/out, or any repair work.

Why Choose Us? So many people trust us, here's why?

Original Property Managers

We are the leaders in this segment. We started doing this in 2005. We have the knowledge and the expertise to manage your property.

Reputed partnerships

Many builders have partnered with us to provide Rental and property management services to their clients.

Extensive member base

Our clients/members consist of software engineers, doctors, defense people, servicemen, Directors etc.

Highly Connected

We are have 400+ agents and lot of vendors working with us to ensure best service to our members.

What people say about us Here's what our members say about us. Once you join us, you would say the same!

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    Wakad, Pune - 411057.

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    Krishn Kirti, Plot No.292, Sector 26, Pradhikaran, Pune - 411026.
    Telephone: 020- 2765 0101