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Core Values: Integrity, Transparency, Excellence & Responsibility

Thought: Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, without which confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist.

IT Enabled

Lisa Home Solutions has created a unique Lead Management Solution for its customers so that you can get the best matching properties at the shortest possible time. Close integration of our sales force with these softwares ensures better service, time saving and ultimately into money saving.

Wider Reach in Market

We have multiple branches in pune. A dedicated sales force. We also command a huge network of people in real estate industry thereby making our sourcing very strong and very effective. We employ various channels to communicate with the market so as to generate the right match for you in right timeframe.

Personalized Services

The company was founded by MNC's software engineers to cater to property related issues and to provide an able platform for transparent, clean and profesional service. We have implemented Auto-emails, Service Requests progress updates, Service Assurance Cell etc. to ensure that every happening on your property/lead is intimated to you in real time thereby forcing Total Transparency (T2) into the whole system.

ZERO Brokerage

With zero brokerage we let our clients enjoy joyful surprise. This is the only place where you get zero brokerage property because out of 100s of properties that we manage we let out some properties at zero brokerage. Sounds impossible; but its true! It happens here at LHS. You can also get properties for Short- term letting. high Flexibility and rightly priced.

Property Management Services

We offer unique service to manage all aspects of your property right from keeping it safe, finding renters, doing regular property inspection, online portal to view progress and transactions for your property. In a nutshell when you give your property to us for managing, you can be assured that it is managed professionally, allowing you to spend your valuable time on activities you like.

Short-Let Properties

Nowadays when movements are very frequent we fulfill the aspirations of our clients to be at their comfort zone by providing them with the relevant option of Short Lets. Short Lets have ambience of home. They are fully furnished, economical, flexible and the best part is they give the feeling of being at home.

We have earned distinction in controlling and coordinating short lets.

Wealth Generation via Real Estate

We manage complete realty portfolio of our investors and provide them all services needed to ensure wealth protection and creation. We believe that our main aim is capital protection. We follow Warren Buffet’s policy of letting go of a high return investment if the risk associated is too high. We try to keep the logic of investment simple; easy, safe, profitable and pleasant. Spotting the right opportunity & doing business with honest people can bring outstanding returns over long run. Being in a hurry to get rich is not what we practice nor advise to our clients.

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